Rug Cleaning & Washing

Rug Cleaning & Washing

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Bedford Rugs Cleaning & Washing Oriental Rugs

Antique oriental rugs and semi-antique oriental rugs of all types including Persian, Wool, and Tibetan area rugs, require professional knowledge and skill to clean. The information below will help you keep your oriental rugs beautiful for years to come. Bedford Rugs. will properly hand wash your area oriental rug. DO NOT use standard carpet cleaning companies for antique or semi-antique oriental rugs including Persian rugs, Tibetan, or Wool oriental rugs. These commercial cleaners use steam and abrasive chemicals that will destroy the lanolin, wool and color in your rug. A professional cleaning at Bedford Rugs  will bring out the softness of the wool and the richness of color. 

 Bringing New Life to Fine Rugs

Bedford Rugs Cleaning specializes in professional treatment, restoration and preventive care of all types of Oriental rugs. Our deep knowledge of rug types, weaving, dyes and cleaning methods ensure that your precious rugs are treated with the appropriate techniques and handled with the utmost care.

Bedford Rugs uses hand-spotting techniques, state-of-the-art cleaning methods and equipment. We recommend professionally cleaning your rugs at least every one to three years, depending on the amount of traffic, environmental conditions and soil.
At Bedford Rugs, the cleaning process starts with inspection to determine which cleaning method is best for the rug, from hand-cleaning to dry extraction to a total submersion cleaning process . Next is dust removal via our duster vacuum or compressed air. We then pre-wash each rug using special spotting techniques, shampooing and/or pressure washing.

Each rug is gently dried most sophisticated, fully automated dry room. The final step is a careful inspection when we check the fringe and brush the pile.

There is no guarantee that we can remove all stains, spots or discolorations, but with proper care, Oriental rugs can last for generations.
Moth, Odor & Stain Treatments 

Mustiness or minor odor problems caused by pets may be helped by our deodorizing treatment at the time of cleaning. But standard cleaning will not always remove pet odors. When a rug has been saturated with pet urine, we recommend a total submersion cleaning process combined with an odor eliminator enzyme treatment.

Color Run & Stain Removing

Stains should be dealt with by carefully dabbing and sponging with a wool or silk compatible cleaning solution until much of the substance is removed. The area should then be carefully dried. Never scrub or violently sponge the rug, as this may damage the pile and cause the colors to run.

Common Stains

Dog urine on any oriental rug whether its an antique or semi-antique rug or any other type damages both dyes and foundation and should be rinsed with tepid water and blotted on both sides of the rug immediately. Dark fibers may be more noticeably affected by dog stains and the solutions used in the removal of stains.

One of the main causes of mildew, a fungus that thrives on cotton, is the dampness caused by household plants placed on the rugs. If rugs are allowed to remain damp over a protracted period, the colors may run and mildew may form and cause permanent damage to the foundation or pile.

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