Rug Pad

Every Rug need a Rug Pad

Every rug needs a rug pad and here are five reasons why:

1) Safety - No matter where the rug is placed (on carpet or hardwood or etc), a pad keeps the rug in place to prevent slips and pulls

2) Longevity - Believe it or not, a pad extends the life of your rug by preventing the fibers from being crushed. The pad acts as a type of buffer between the hard surface below and the rug above.

3) Protection - Very important! A pad prevents dye transfer, marring, staining, and scratching to the floor or carpeting beneath.

4) Comfort - A pad adds cushiony softness underfoot.

5) Cleanliness - A pad allows for easier vacuuming.

Rug pads are specific to the type of flooring underneath - if you have carpeting, make sure you purchase a rug pad made specifically for carpeting. The same goes for hard floorings. Don't use a pad for carpet for a hardwood floor - they are not made the same and will not give the comfort and protection your floor needs.


ORIGIN: Made in the USA

MATERIAL: Felt and natural rubber

BEST FOR: Securing rug to floor

ATTRIBUTES:  Non-Slip Low Profile 

Thickness  : 1/4-inch-thick

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